Chef de Projet

Nationalité : Trinidad & Tobago

Why did you choose to work in construction sector ?

It is something that i always enjoy doing

Can you explain your job as a project manager in construction ?

My job as a Project manager is first to make sure the company is a success, Keep my team motivated at all times, keep within budget and time frame of any job, to be responsible for any action taken (from me or my team), To keep in touch with the Client through the project and tracking man hours, materials and payments.

What are the qualities required to be a good project manager ?

Knowing your project, being not only a manger but a human resource personal to deal with different matters from your team, and to adjust to any matter before you.

In your opinion, what characterizes ARKEO INTERNATIONAL?

Responsibility – seek the Client interest and their materials Flexibility – able to work anytime and day to meet deadlines Quality – able to give a high quality of finishes Expertize – able to get solution for any problem that arise for us and the Client